Cosmo 5MU30 30-in Under-Cabinet Range Hood’s Review

Looks fantastic and setup was not that challenging. It matched our existing GE stainless appliances perfectly. I enjoy the lighting that it provides to our variety top and it is quieter than our previous microwave/fan. Has 3 fan speeds. I did an under cabinet installation using duct out the top. The only strange thing was that the duct outlet from the fan is 4.5″ diameter and I might not find duct piping because size at our local hardware shop. I wound up buying some 4″ semi versatile dryer vent pipeline which adapted close adequate to the fan outlet duct in addition to my 4″ to 6″ converter pipeline (existing duct in my cabinet was 6″). Used metal tape to seal the joints.

We finally got the opportunity to change our range and vent hood after our recent cooking area remodel and we selected the Cosmo 30 in 200 CFM under cabinet vent hood. This hood satisfied all of our checkpoints for a new vented hood! It was economical, it had 3 fan speeds, was quiet, had 2 light bulbs for exceptional stovetop lighting, and was available in stainless steel. It got set up last night and we ENJOY it!! I have to state … the new stove and vent hood appearance downright HOT!!!! I highly advise choosing this design when you update your kitchen!

I really like this new range hood. I pick to operate it as a ductless fan since my stove is so close to the garage door. It is just a beautiful hood and compliments my newly redone cooking area. Check out the directions and follow them, it is just that basic. Although this is not heavy it is a 2 person task to put up. One supporting as the other one does the procedure, and assistance. I also choose to connect to the cabinet, and utilized bolts with the nuts fastening on the within the system so I can use the cabinet above it without any problem. We had to make a hole in the back of the cabinet for the cable. Strong fan. Lights give a nice ambiance but not as brilliant as I had wished for. No problem as I have a really brilliant overhead light and am near a window. Good quality, sturdy and brushed stainless. I recommend purchase if you are on the fence. Good value.

I love the rounded front and the stainless-steel buttons on the front. I love that there is no logo design on it. I love how simple it was to set up and the simple to follow instructions. I enjoyed the price!! It makes my kitchen look so great now. It works fantastic. Love the three speeds on the fan. It actually pushes the air. Nice bright LED lights. No longer have the hot lights like my old variety hood. This will be a great accent to my brand-new Stainless stove that I am anxiously waiting for to be delivered. Care: Use gloves while dealing with and installing, as there are some sharp edges around the vent holes.

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