Fotile JQG7501 Range Hood Review

Choosing the right range hood wasn’t easy for us. We cook, we fry, we stew. Our kitchen opens to all rooms. At first, we had a microwave combined with a vent. That doesn’t come with much power but very noise. My home office shares a wall with the kitchen, when the fan is on, my entire office is shaking. With that kind of noise, the smell of cook still gets everywhere — all rooms in the first and second floors. We hated it so much but don’t know which new range hood we should purchase.

 FOTILE JQG7501 30
FOTILE JQG7501 30″ Range Hood Under Cabinet Kitchen Stainless Steel Wall Mount with LED Light

My friend recommended me to use Fotile JQG7501 model for range hoods, she said this is one of the most reliable and trustworthy brand in Asian. I was a little hesitated in buying Fotile. It’s a big brand in China but not much market share in the States. My husband and I decided to go to my friend’s house, to see how it works and to see whether it meets our expectation.

The range hood is powerful and quite. And it is pretty! My friend’s range hood is in 36in model. The exterior is in piano-black color and looks stylish, the top wing rotates up when in use, giving us a feel of futurist. The built-in LED lights are bright. The suction power is around 500 cfm, actually not top-notch in this price tier, but already good enough for daily use. Me and My husband really prefer this sleek look, It matches my black range cooker so well and very easy to clean with the glass surface. Me and My wife really prefer this sleek look, It matches my black range cooker so well and very easy to clean with the glass surface. It’s one of the best on the market and doesn’t compare to western brands in terms of suction power, design, and aesthetics.

I bought this Fotile JQG7501 model for my kitchen on after experience, we completed our install in about 2 hours after we payed the expensive installation fee. The only trouble we had placing the unit was the need to drill big holes as our back splash is full tile in the cook top area. The installation team did a great job as you can see they are fearless, LOL. Overall we are very happy with the whole experience buying/install the FOTILE JQG7501. BTW, the hood can exhaust from both top and back, but by exhausting from the back, the efficiency will suffer, so we decided to go with the most efficiency/expensive/proper way of installation. So far as good. It’s pricy but it’s a very good bang for the buck for me. The family love it.

After installation, I started to stew some beef. Usually, the whole house is full of the smell. Now the magic thing is that I almost can not smell any in my bedroom although I left the door open. Now I could smell the food flavor and smoke out of my house significantly, but not much inside. We feel much ease during cooking right now. Fotile range hood really works well as it discharges most oil smoke through the duct pipe.

Fotile 7501 is the best Range Hood I have ever used, amazing industrial design with touch screen, easy to install and clean, also it’s much more quietly even at the full speed but have more powerful suction, it comes with 5 years warranty but I hope not use it :).

FOTILE JQG7501 Range Hood


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